Lori Jusino lives in the woods in Asheville, NC, where the quiet beauty surrounding her allows for creativity to flow. She has a love of collecting disparate objects and arranging them into multi media pieces that range from Inspirational to Victorian/steampunk themes; what she calls songs that arise from within. Each piece has significance beyond the immediately visible.
Her collage and assemblage work are collectively inspired by her life adventures in her home state of New York, the Caribbean, and now North Carolina –yet also transcending into another place of faith, imagination and whimsy. Rust or bling, natural elements or metals – all are fair game in Lori’s art boxes, dolls, and jewelry.
Generally an auto didact, Lori also enjoys attending workshops and retreats to keep learning and honing her skills. Some artists of influence are Keith Lobue and Bobbie Polizzi.
Lori hopes to inspire others to find their creative gift within, and to help them see, with new eyes of possibility, those seemingly random items that surround us daily.
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